CLEMENTONI - Baby Unicorn Always with me - Push & Pull Toy - Age: 6M-36M
The Clementoni Baby Unicorno Sempre con Me Trainare Interattivo is a delightful pull along baby unicorn toy that is perfect for young children who are learning to walk. This interactive toy features buttons on the saddle that bring the cute...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Mickey Crawl with me - Mod: CLM17237
Introducing the adorable BABY MICKEY CRAWL WITH ME, the perfect companion to help your child take their first steps into the exciting world of learning and play!This charming Baby Mickey soft toy is not just a cuddly friend but also...
€65,45 €59,50
CLEMENTONI - Alice - My First Doll - Mod: CLM17201
A Talking Educational Doll by Clementoni | 3 interactive buttons on the tummy help the girl learn her first letters, numbers and words | Stimulates affective development, language, visual-auditory perception and understanding of cause-effect relationship | Suitable for girls over...
€47,30 €36,20
CLEMENTONI - Baby Minnie First Activities - Mod: CLM17164
Product: Clementoni Baby Minnie First Activities Dimensions:  15 x 10 x 27 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: +6M - 36M A cute Baby Minnie doll with basic activities designed specifically for young children, with lively colours to stimulate their interest and sight.With soft,...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Mickey First Activities - Mod: CLM17165
A cute Baby Mickey doll with basic activities designed specifically for young children, with lively colours to stimulate their interest and sight. | With soft, swishy ears, a rattle, tummy squeak and elastic legs, this cute doll will help children...
Clementoni - 17667 - Educational Toys - Baby Minnie my first Tablet (English/Italian)
A talking electronic pad for little ones that is made even better by sweet Baby Mickey. A cute pad like the big kids' pad but full of songs and fun sound and light effects. With 9 light-up buttons, it teaches...
Clementoni - 17699 - Doll - Edo Gattona e Canta (Italian Edition)
A sweet plush baby to learn to take its first steps in the world through imitative play. This cuddly plush is also an activity center with melodies and numbers that can be activated by two interactive buttons to make play...
Baby Clementoni - The Farm Train
The toy train is activated at the touch of the chimney and sets off on a journey into the world of fantasy with its friends: puppy, cow, bunny and duckling. As the little train passes, the world of the farm...
Baby Clementoni - Trenino degli animali 3 in 1 (Italian Edition)
A fun train full of activities to entertain the little ones, stimulating their imagination and encouraging the development of manual dexterity. By placing the five animals on the locomotive and pressing the chimney, the child can listen to many phrases,...
Baby Clementoni - Anne My soft doll
A sweet doll to cuddle and take care of while playing imitating grown-ups. The doll comes with many accessories for feeding and sleeping. The box can also be used also as a scenario to create many stories playing with the...
Baby Clementoni For You - Love Me Panda
Introducing Baby Clementoni LOVE ME PANDA, the incredibly soft panda ready to cuddle and interact with your child through sweet melodies and a special language designed to evoke moments of tenderness. This black-and-white panda, adorned with small colorful elements, is...
Baby Clementoni For You - Happy Fox Activity Plush
Introducing Baby Clementoni Happy Fox, the adorable plush fox designed to stimulate your child's recognition and management of emotions. With a gentle pull of its tail, this soft and lovable "friend" vibrates, promoting relaxation and a soothing experience for your...
Baby Clementoni For You - Sweet Bunny Comforter Plush
Introducing Baby Clementoni Sweet Bunny, the ultra-soft comforter bunny that will become your child's first playmate and provide comfort during sleep. Made from luxurious hypoallergenic fabric, this comforter bunny offers a unique feature of absorbing scents, providing reassurance and comfort...
Baby Clementoni For You - Benny the Bunny
Introducing Baby Clementoni Benny the Bunny, a sweet and cuddly plush companion designed to keep the little ones company during their earliest months of life! Crafted with a variety of materials, this plush toy offers a multisensory experience, stimulating the...
Baby clementoni - baby Mikey Mouse
A Fun Shape Sorter Bucket With 6 Different Shapes to Be Inserted and Recovered, For Lots of Fun While Learning to Recognise First Numbers, Shapes and Colors. Features at Practical Handle Making It Simple To Take Anywhere, As Well As...
Baby Clementoni - Valentina Scooter - First steps - Baby Activity Toy - English & Italian
Toy 2 in 1: It is an all-pink scooter designed to accompany little girls during the first steps stage and also a fun talking educational activity center. It teaches letters and numbers in Italian and English, helps develop motor skills,...
€90,67 €59,40
Baby Clementoni - Baby Minnie Soft Ring Rattle
Disney Baby Minnie is the star of this tender rattle that will entertain infants at any time of the day.Shaking the rattle makes the balls move and the sound they make attracts the child’s attention and stimulates their auditory perception.Disney...
Baby Clementoni - Baby Minnie Soft Musical Toy
This cuddly music box starring Baby Minnie is perfect for lulling little ones to sleep before bedtime!The plastic ring pulls and activates a sweet melody that helps develop auditory perception.Made of soft fabric, it is ideal for supporting the development...
Baby Clementoni - The farm sing and learn - English & Italian
A colorful farm with interactive panel 4 game activities to learn in the company of farm animals | Smart Touch technology for fingertip learning | Fun educational activities to learn and learn the sounds and animals of the farm, the...
€26,12 €20,16
Baby Clementoni - My First Scooter
A beautiful vintage scooter made from 100% recycled materials! Ideal to live your first adventures! | This scooter-shaped scooter stimulates the development of motor coordination, coordination and perception in space. | It has a compartment where children can store small...
€49,42 €40,23
Baby Clementoni - Scintilla Canta e Brilla - Italian Edition
An interactive plush unicorn to play in a world of sweetness!This cuddly unicorn will entertain children with many sound and light effects and lead them to discover letters, numbers, shapes and colors in an easy and engaging way.It develops visual,...
€42,35 €34,19
Baby Clementoni - Baby Mickey Play and Learn - Italian Edition
Baby Mickey's cuddly plush toy in the softest fabric will soon become every baby's best friend!Baby Mickey, thanks to the 3 buttons placed on his hands and tummy, will sing many happy nursery rhymes with Mickey's original voice.The sweet songs...
€49,42 €42,35
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